Your Guide through the Process

I am passionate about creating dreams
on paper and my aim is to
always reflect the style and ideas
of my clients in a sophisticated
and elegant manner.

I will be delighted to help you create your very own, special designs that will charm and delight your guests. This will entail a selection of paper and formats, color palette, texts, fonts as well as graphics and particular elements. All of these are essential when visualizing your ideas on paper. We will work together to design the kind of product you want, using digital and offset printing, letterpress, laser-cut or hot foil.

Generally, there are six organizational steps to be completed to produce the finished product:

1. Get in touch, send your inquiry
Please send your inquiry via e-mail or call me directly. After I receive your inquiry with your specifics, I will send you a discovery questionnaire to collect the initial information required. Upon completing the form, a 20-minute discovery call will be scheduled so that we can discuss the scope and timeline of your project. This can also be done by e-mail if you prefer.

2. Book your Appointment
For a better understanding of your requirements, I will then want to have a meeting with you so that we can discuss your ideas, the location and, of course, the budget, and more. I will need as much information as possible to best assist you. This can take up to an hour, either in Munich or via skype/facetime/telephone.

3. Project proposal, timeline and confirmation
Once all of the details have been determined, and this will include most importantly your timeline, I will send you a comprehensive proposal highlighting my ideas for the project with design aesthetics, along with a detailed cost estimate of the final price.

If you decide to move forward after reviewing the cost estimate, I will send you an invoice for a deposit amounting to 50% of the total and a contract to be signed.
Payment of the deposit and your signature on the contract will secure my availability.

4. Design process and layouts
My designs are exclusive, i.e. all artwork is original, made by me for you. This includes all graphics, drawings and watercolor artwork, lasercut forms and ideas. These elements will remain as your personal “visual vocabulary”.

You will receive at least 3 design concepts that I will develop from the initial mood board, showing first ideas and sketches, color palettes and font selection. Of course, it will be possible to take some elements from one concept and incorporate these in another. After you select and finalize a concept, I will produce final sketches and ideas to refine the final product(s).

5. Final approval and sign-off for printing
Once you have decided upon your final product(s) and, I hope, have fallen in love with the designs, we will start the production phase. It will be my responsibility to assure that the paper goods will have the quality and precise craftsmanship you are expecting. The amount of time needed will depend on the printing method and the embellishments as well as the assembly work required at the end.

6. Delivery
After I receive the final goods from the printers and suppliers, I will carefully inspect them before assembly and the final hand-finish. The products will then be carefully packaged to be safely delivered to you or ready for pick up. The signing, sealing and stamping of your invitations will be a job I am sure you will enjoy.